Helping Healthcare Providers Work Their Magic: HCRC President Brian Torchin

Twitter wrote that one of the most serious issues facing healthcare providers has been employee turnover and understaffing. The number of available positions regularly exceeds the number of qualified people. The difficulty staying fully staffed will only increase as an aging baby-boomer generation moves into their 60s, 70s, and beyond. Part of the staffing problem is sometimes geography. Available qualified people exist, but they do not live in the area of need. Matching qualified people to the needs of providers has become an important industry. One of the most successful of these staffing providers is Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, LLC (HCRC) managed by President Brian Torchin.

Brian Torchin began his career in the medical profession as a doctor of chiropractic. He gained experience in the medical industry and learned what was necessary to operate the facilities that provided patient care. The most glaring problem Brian noticed was the constant turnover in qualified staff and the difficulty in finding replacements. This signaled Dr. Torchin’s interest in and involvement with HCRC.

HCRC has a mission. That mission is to make the hiring experience efficient and positive for everyone involved. Their approach is direct, ethical and focused on detail. They consult with their clients and potential employees to place staff where it’s needed as quickly as possible. This includes working in all 50 states, Europe and elsewhere. HCRC focuses on staffing many types of medical offices including; dental, chiropractic, and medical specialties like podiatry. HCRC will also work to fill support positions like physician assistant or nurse practitioner.

HCRC is considered by many in the medical staffing industry to be the leading firm in the field. The main reason for their success comes from the leadership. Brian Torchin believes strongly in the importance of what he does. Brian even takes the time and effort to write blogs on the HCRC website. He provides tips to clients about the hiring experience or best practices of running a medical office. Dr. Torchin is a knowledgeable veteran of his industry and his mission is to share that knowledge with everyone.

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