Herbal Supplements Lack Advertised Ingredient in 21% of Cases

The New York State Attorney General decided to examine some herbal supplements. These diet additions have been gaining popularity recently, and many people would rather rely on herbals rather than take pharmaceutical pills.

To their surprise and disappointment, only 21% of the supplements contained at least a trace of the advertised herb. Most of them, 79% totally lacked the main herb advertised on the pack, or even worse, included ingredients which had not been specified in the list. According to blogspot.com, Eric Schneiderman says that the mislabeling of substances is illegal. In many cases the people who take mislabeled herbals are not only missing the benefit that they expect from that, but also put their health at risk, as they might be allergic to one of the unstated contents.

The herbal supplements that were included in the research are the popular items sold at GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart. The solution is to choose the brand well and consult specialists to know exactly what is inside the capsules with small bits of herbals. That is if you don’t want to damage your health instead, or go around under a Placebo effect.

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