Homeopathy Gets A Failing Grade From Australia’s National Health Council

The National Health And Medical Research Council In Australia Says Homeopathy Treatments Are Ineffective

The medical profession conducts a lot of studies. They study the effects and the side-effects of just about everything they can get their hands on. For centuries, people around the world have used tried and true homeopathic medications to heal what ails them. But a new study says not so fast; they don’t work.

When homeopathic treatments are administered correctly, most people get relief. But a new study by the Australian National Health Council says that’s all a load of hogwash. The Council claims homeopathic treatments don’t work, period.

Dan Newlin knows that what the medical profession forgets is all drugs are made from homeopathic plants, flowers, and other natural ingredients. The issue with homeopathic treatments is the way the treatment is administered. Homeopathy is body-mind-spirit therapy, not just body therapy. If a person’s mind is not in sync with the treatment, the results are not good.

Homeopathy is about restoring total wellness. That fact is lost in modern medicine. Medical treatments are usually a synthetic drug regime that does little to heal the mind and spirit. Perhaps the Australian Council should begin another study. That study should be done on all-inclusive, mind-body-spirit homeopathic treatments.

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