How Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Homeopathic Options Fit In To Their Patient’s Overall Care Plan

Occasionally, people get the wrong impression of the homeopathic treatments offered by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). CTCA offers a variety of homeopathic treatments in addition to, not instead of, traditional therapies, such as chemotherapy. If patients choose to add one or more homeopathic treatments to their care plan, they can do so without having to leave the facility.

Pet Therapy

Considered mainstream now, dogs in hospitals are commonplace, although cancer patients do not usually get to benefit from a visit from a certified therapy dog. Dogs provide a distraction from anxiety and pain and they are comfort to both patients and their families. All five CTCAs offer pet therapy.


Rarely will you find acupuncturists in a hospital setting, yet CTCA understands that some people believe that acupuncture restores a healthy balance in the body. Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicine, has helped people for centuries and the practice has no detrimental side effects.

Spiritual Support

Patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America can choose from a variety of spiritual services, including bible studies, group prayer and celebrating significant observances. Patients or their family can utilize the service of chaplains at any time. CTCA strives to offer persons of all faiths the spiritual support that they need.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine at CTCA promotes self-healing through non-toxic treatments, including specially prepared herbal extracts, vitamins and plant extracts. Unlike self-treatments, a naturopathic oncology professional reviews any potential herbal and drug interactions and they advise patients on the supplements that work best for their type of cancer. Supplements can make treatments tolerable by decreasing side effects as well.

CTCA’s nutritionists offer nutritional intervention if needed and suggest a diet to help build a person’s immune system and aid in improving a patient’s quality of life.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer additional homeopathic treatments as well as cutting-edge approaches from hematologist and oncologists to treat cancers. While having traditional and homeopathic treatment options under one roof saves people trips to multiple destinations for treatments, it also allows professionals to consult with each other. Additionally, physicians can see first-hand how homeopathic treatments help patients.

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