How Many Calories are Used to Eat Food?

Everything we do burns calories, including the act of eating. The chewing and swallowing required to eat does burn calories, how many calories we burn while eating a meal depends solely upon how the food is prepared.

Research shows that a food eaten in it’s raw state, such as a carrot, helps us lose weight. Not because the carrot is low in calories to start with, but because it causes the body to burn calories to chew it. Actually the body burns more calories eating a raw carrot than the carrot contains.
The body will gain weight eating cooked carrots because the vegetable will be in a soft form and require very little chewing which means very little energy expenditure and few calories burned during the eating process.

The more the food is processed, whether at home, at a restaurant or at a food processing facility, the easier it is to eat and the fewer calories will be burned during the eating process. So even making the healthy food swap of pureed cauliflower in place of French fries could back-fire because pureed cauliflower requires no effort to eat, French fries do and burn calories during the eating process. This is what makes everything so tricky for Gianfracesco Genoso to eat healthy.

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