How Rodrigo Terpins has changed millions of lives


The rally competitions have been among the most adored games in Brazil. Millions of people tend to flock the fields as they seek to watch the competitions. Most people have their preferred stars that make them love racing. There are several others whose racing careers have not been very smooth, but their dedication and hard work have kept them in the game. With the continued popularity in the racing field, Rodrigo won the hearts of many Brazilian citizens with his determination to be among the best in the rallying industry.

Putting aside his professional employment

Rodrigo Terpins is employed as a manager in one of the industries in Brazil. Most people with high profiled jobs tend to focus on their full-time employment that they forget to pursue their interests in life. Rodrigo had been intrigued by the rally racing since he was a kid. He vowed to dedicate his life to the sport.

For several years, Rodrigo Terpins did not get any rewards for the competition. He could not win any races because there were several experts who had trained for years. Competitions used to be tight. The fact that there was a tight competition did not bar the manager from participating. During these years, he put up a good fight as he hoped for the best in the end.

Balancing his management job and rally interest

Rodrigo Terpins did not for once, think that he could let go of his interest in being a rally driver. During his normal days, the Terpins could attend to his normal duties as a manager and later take care of his hobbies when it was its season. Visit Estadao for more info.

Rodrigo’s debut in racing

In 2002, Rodrigo, together with his brother Michael, formed a team where they could coordinate to win the titles. Four years later, in 2006, Rodrigo became the runners-up in the annual rally competition. The debut in his professional rallying opened other avenues for him where he won several other races in his career. As he progressed, Rodrigo received a couple of offers where he would represent Brazil in the international competitions.

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