With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to search images online. You can quickly take out you phone camera and explore a dress you have just seen. It is going to change the world of e-commerce forever. It is one of the best things to happen in electronic commerce. and Pinterest are testing new software that brings human-like abilities to E-commerce. The advances in A.I means it is now possible to have an entirely commercial form of image search. They are using a technique called deep learning that allows the software to have abilities matched by the human brain in search algorithms.

Amazon has been using the technology and even launched a phone to utilize the same technology. It was a big failure but one that gave us valuable lessons. Google bought in 2010 and has implemented visual search with varying degrees of success.

Kevin Jing of Pinterest says the visual search is the new frontier for all retailers. It allows one to take off your phone and search whatever you want.

com has partnered with Canadian stores women boot section to test a technology developed by Sentient. It uses artificial intelligence to search. You select a boot you fancy and try to triangulate to the particular order. Each section brings in new selections. They are in a grid format of 12 boots to search. It is a form of search that can quickly lead one who was lost back to light.

Slyce is a Canadian company that has already commercialized this technology. It is an app that allows you to pick out objects using your camera and search them online.

It has launched partnerships with 20 retail US companies and has grown rapidly. It started the services in 2013 from its headquarters in Toronto. The app is available on all leading platforms.

It has developed several features for use by retailers. These products include Snap to buy feature. It integrates into a retailer’s website and give them access to the millions of customers using Slyce. Another feature is visual relevancy that allows one to search a related product and be delivered to the retailers site.

All these are ways to monetize an app.It is one of the most difficult jobs for any App. Slyce has aced that, and it seems set on going far.

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