How The E-Governe Portal System Is Revolutionizing Different Sectors Of Brazil

E-governe is a portal system in Brazil that helps in the smooth operation public administration duties, the municipal and the state health secretariats. The system helps in managing patient booking for dental and clinical appointments. Consequentially, physicians have an easy time managing time scheduling tasks, operating queues, and providing each patient with quality personalized care. The system also keeps track of medicine stock and its distribution. Pharmacies receive regular supplies of vaccines using the system and schedule consultation and examination sessions for patients. E-governe covers a huge part of hospital operations since it also manages mobile services, bed and hospital control. Hospital administrators use the portal to managed and deploy resources and funds using the linked e-government materials available. The government has successfully ensured smooth flow of in and outpatients, correct health units sectioning, cooperative relationships between municipalities and the state and responsible usage of funds and resources.


After the system’s launch in 2008, the Municipality of Teresina organized a training session to help health practitioners understand the operational procedures. Miguel Oliveira, the president of Teresinense Data Processing firm, revealed that the municipals of Health Foundation, the finance department, and the education department met to strategies the system’s optimization. Among the first users of the system was Instituto Curitiba de Informatica which relied on it for the management of human staffing. The City Hall managers revealed that they had plans to expand the system to include the better provision of services to the civil society. Mayor Silvio Mendes commented that utilization of the scheme ensured constant communications between hospital staff to address population requirements, identify and resolve problem areas, analyze potential remedies and manage municipality-provided services.


Another region that adapted the software was the municipality of Osasco in the Greater Sao Paulo area which signed agreements to begin operating the educational version of the system, e-Governe Educacao. They portal was availed to 138 schools in the city, the Continuing Education Center and the headquarter office of the municipal education department. The implementation of the system was expected to deliver a unique communication channel that would maintain the integrity and security of information between educational offices. E-Governe Educacao’s structure includes restriction to safety levels as stipulated by the system administrators and health leaders in the country, Particular tasks execution under the system entail delivery of management reports without delays, a forum to share issued reports, elimination of work revisions and availability of the internet. The improvised communication allows units to receive requirements and deliver expert solutions in real time.


The state of Osasco is the fifth largest in size in the country with a GDP ranking 23 nationwide and tops among the fastest developing regions. It is dubbed as the ‘city work’ and has a population bursting with entrepreneurial enterprises which sustain the 700,000 inhabitants. The municipal’s dynamic growth showcases a dynamic and thriving economy that has ongoing social developments. Major entities that contribute to the region’s success include retails, industries, wholesale business firm, and service-inclined companies. These establishments are an attraction to federations, associations and key industry players who provide the needed financial backings and representation to maximize productivity.

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