How The New Trend Of Picture Messaging Is Being Used On Talkspace

Online therapy is a growing trend in the United States. It is convenient and can be considerably more affordable than traditional counseling. One of the most popular apps is Talkspace which is a confidential app that allows the user and their therapist a way to send unlimited text message back and forth to one another. You don’t have to drive to the therapist’s office or make an appointment which makes the app very convenient to use. It’s no wonder that between the lower cost and the convenience that many people are choosing this app over traditional therapy.

Almost everyone just uses the text feature of Talkspace. There are some people, though, who use what’s called picture messaging. This can be used to take a photo of something you were just doing, or something representative of your feeling, and send it to the therapist like you were sending a text. This can help the therapist better understand what you are describing.

Therapists, too, are starting to make use of this feature of the Talkspace app. They can also send the user a photo which often helps to open up better discussions. They can also send worksheets that their client can use to help achieve one of their mental health goals, for example. The team at Talkspace is expecting picture messaging to really take off in the near future because of the benefits.

Talkspace is based in New York City. The company was founded in 2012 and is privately held. The app is used to connect users of the app to licensed therapists who can help them work through issues in their lives. So far over 500,000 people across the United States have become users of this app which takes the place of traditional therapy sessions.

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