How Young Farmers Are Helping To Shape The Future

As America grows in population there has been a rising concern that has become the forefront of action for many Americans, food. Food is one resource that we cannot go without, we must eat to live and that means we have to find ways of producing the food we need at a rate that not only meets consumer demands but can also be sustainable as well as having a positive impact on the environment in the process.

In recent years the number of young people in America that decide to take up farming has increased by 2.2%, in the age range of 25-34, according to the 2014 USDA Census. Many of these young people are leaving their cushy office jobs and their city apartments to find a rural sprawl to raise crops.

There are some huge benefits that come with such an influx of young people coming into the agriculture industry. Many of these young farmers acquire parcels of land that are smaller than 50 acres, though as they become more experienced farmers many end up growing their farms.

This new wave of agriculture enthusiasts is bringing with it a whole new focus on a more organic and holistic approach to growing crops. Limited use of pesticides is a common practice among these new farmers as well as utilizing the power of mother nature to make their crops better.

Many of these farmers are able to provide not only a selection of produce but at a very competitive rate to local grocery stores and restaurants, allowing for a mutual growth of local businesses while still being able to provide high quality and affordable foods.
This time in America marks just the second time in the last one hundred years that agriculture has seen a rise instead of a decline in the number of people actively farming in America. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, sixty-nine percent of farmers today have college degrees.

There is no doubt that now is one of the best times to step into the agricultural world, technology and nature working together to create a more sustainable food future for us in America. displays an article that goes way more in-depth on just now much of an impact this is having on America today.

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