Huge Siberian Craters Caused By Global Warming

A recent helicopter routine trip led to the discovery of a huge crater in Siberia. A group of researchers soon descended to the location to examine the size and the reason of the formation. They soon realized that the global warming is the cause, and that the methane explosions generated by overheating are so powerful that they create craters in the zone, in total, the researchers noticed 7 of them spread on the territory of Russia.

The team of researchers hope to analyze the craters from the inside, but said that the plan is scary. Even though curious, the scientists realize that descending in a crater provoked by gas explosions might lead not only to the inhalation of the gases.

Igor Cornelsen ( has learned that the ones that are still empty are huge enough to not remain unnoticed. The residents of Antipayuta saw a flame from the distance. The researchers soon realized that it was one of the craters where the flammable gas caught fire created the flash. The Russian officials are informing the population about the phenomena and asking for the inhabitants to understand the dangers of going near a place like that but to keep calm.

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