IAP Worldwide is expanding its Portfolio and Winning more High-Profile Contracts

IAP Worldwide is a respected authority in facilities management, global logistics, as well as innovative technical and professional solutions. The firm workforce consists of over 2,000 workers in more than 25 nations around the world. It invests heavily in developing products and solutions that meet pressing challenges that clients in the public and private industry face. It opened its door over 60 years ago and, since then; the company has built an outstanding reputation as trusted and active industry leader. IAP’s primary agenda is to address not only the demands but also exceed customer expectations.

IAP Worldwide wins the Distributed Common Ground System Contract of the U.S. Army

IAP Worldwide has secured a contract from the U.S. Army to offer fully integrated logistics services, fielding, as well as training support for the Fort Hood, Texas-based Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A). IAP will also oversee project activities in other locations. DCGS-A is the main system of the U.S. Army to upload data, process information, circulate ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) information concerning operational events, weather, environments, and terrain. IAP team is happy to be at the forefront of supporting this dynamic mission scheduled to benefit the Army Intelligence Community.

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What makes IAP Worldwide the best employer?

IAP focuses on bringing the diverse talents, unique skills, and experiences of all its employees together to form a stable workforce that develops leading-edge solutions for the grand challenges. Its workers have an unparalleled commitment to the mission, allowing IAP Worldwide to earn a spot in the ranks of the ideal employers across the globe. The firm hires individuals who are goal-driven and passionate about making a noticeable impact in the world. It empowers its employees with plenty of resources and in-depth knowledge to carry out their jobs in a safe and professional manner. It avails training and effective capacity building programs targeting both new recruits and experienced workers. Additionally, the company allows employees to achieve their personal goals and rewards those who excel in service delivery. This strategy has enabled IAP to strengthen the rates of workers retention.

Acquisition of two business units

Being a leader in the provision of logistic service, IAP Worldwide is always on the lookout for unique strategies for improving and expanding its services on PRNewswire. Recently, the company acquired two established business units: Oklahoma City-situated DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications located in Maryland. This acquisition will enable the firm to deliver high-quality engineering and aviation services.

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