Illusionist Penn Jillette has made 105 Pound Disappear

Penn Jillette, known for his illusionist act Penn & Teller, has recently lost a lot of weight in a short time. The magician has lost 105 pound over the course of the last four months.

Penn is a large man, standing at nearly six feet and seven inches tall and carrying 330 pounds on his large frame. Recently, Penn landed in the hospital for issues with high blood pressure which is what made him decide to work on getting healthier. According to the story on, Penn was taking six different medications in order to keep his blood pressure in check. His doctor had told him that losing maybe 30-40 pounds would help him to keep the issue under control. He also mentioned that if Penn lost maybe 100 pounds that he might not need the medication at all. So that is what Penn decided to do.

Starting in December of 2014, he put himself on a strict diet of consuming 1,000 calories a day of nutrient-rich foods. By March 5, 2015, Penn was down 105 pounds, which is amazing for Ricardo Tosto to fathom. He has said that after losing the weight he feels wonderful, and many working professional lawyers are now asking for tips from him. He is continuing with his healthy eating habits and incorporating more exercise into his daily routine. He said that his energy is up and he has never felt better.

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