Imran Haque, the Doctor You Could Wish to See

Imran Haque is a medical doctor who specializes in Internal medicine. He works in Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina. He has been in practice for more than 15 years now and has created himself an excellent reputation as a dedicated and caring doctor. He highly credits his ability to multitask for his success as an entrepreneur, and his ability to trust himself more. Haque also believes in treating everyone equally in a way he could wish to be treated. He is fully licensed and uses his expertise in dealing with various diseases. His choice to specialize in internal medicine was driven by his passion for providing medical services that were not available to the locals. The success of his practice prompted him to work on the patient-medic relationship that was slowly fading away.

Haque believes in hard work, patience and a good relationship with other professionals among other virtues that have made him shine in his field. He once had a textile business alongside his medical practice which he expanded quite fast but was not fruitful, and he chose to concentrate more in his area of expertise. Haque embraces technology in medicine which he believes has completely evolved the medical field and made work even more relaxed.

The famous doctor provides his clients many services. He is a primary care provider and also gives treatment for particular illnesses like diabetes and Venus body contouring. Haque does laboratory and ultrasound examinations in his office. He carries out thorough checkups and keen routine examinations which have seen him win the hearts of many patients to his facility. He has an extensive network of colleagues with whom he has maintained an excellent working relationship. He offers referrals to these doctors whenever it is necessary .

Haque graduated from the renowned Universidad Iberoamerican with a medical degree. He later joined University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke to sharpen his medical skills further. He then obtained a license to operate in North Carolina. Haque personally believes that NC State University is the best in offering college sports program in North Carolina. He greatly admires Barack Obama who has significantly influenced his thinking.

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