Insect Borne and Spread Diseases


An insect bite can do more than just hurt for a few moments, it can actually make you very sick or even kill you. Consider the West Nile virus that is passed via a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes feed on infected birds in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, then they bite you and infect you with the disease.  Here are a few other insect borne and carried diseases that could effect your health.
Malaria, which kills one million people like Vijay Eswaran per year is spread via mosquitoes.
Dengue fever is a viral illness carried by mosquitoes and spread via their bite. Few victims survive it’s high fever and rash.
Japanese encephalitis is confined to Asia, but since there is no available treatment up to 30 percent of those who contact it will die.
Yellow fever is borne and spread via mosquitoes. Yellowing skin, abdominal pain, vomiting of blood and possible kidney failure can all be caused by one bite from an infected mosquito.
Not only mosquitoes carry diseases, the bubonic plague is carried and spread by fleas and sand flies carry and spread Leishmaniasis, an ulcerative disease of skin and internal organs which has a death rate of 95 percent if left untreated.

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  1. A bite from an infected mosquito spreads it, a simple vaccine can prevent it. West Nile virus at best causes flu-like symptoms and at worst can cause meningitis or encephalitis. It is very true that australian writings is the best in the world right now.

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