Iowa Corn Announces Scholarship Winners

While the farming and agriculture industry has seen a lot of advancement over the past few decades due to automation, it still relies heavily on people. The future of the industry will also continue to depend on the ability for farmers and other employers in the industry to find young talent. This past week, several young people across the State of Iowa were awarded scholarships to help them pursue their goals of having a career in farming.


The Iowa Corn Growers Association is the most prominent professional organization in the field of farming and agriculture. There are thousands of members of the organization located all over the State of Iowa and some surrounding states. The organization has been a huge proponent of encouraging young adults and kids with an interest to pursue the field. This past week they announced the winners of their Iowa Corn Future of Agriculture Scholarship for the upcoming 2017 and 2018 school year (


Overall, the organization announced a total of eight young adults that won a $500 first-year scholarship and eight upperclassmen scholarships, also for $500 each. All of the scholarships will give direct assistance to help the winners pursue their degrees in the agriculture industry. Larry Bus, who is a spokesman for the organization and is also a full-time farmer, stated that the organization is committed to helping develop future talent for the industry. The organization believes that these students will each play an important part in developing future efficiencies and practices to help feed the world.


The winners of the scholarships will be awarded during the Iowa Corn Grassroots Summit, which is held in August every year. Overall, there are eight high school winners from all over the State of Iowa. The upperclassmen winners are all currently enrolled in college, the majority of which attended Iowa State University. All winners of the award went through a tough process. This included being judged an assessed on their applications, essays, grades, other activities, experience in the field, and letters of reference. They also were required to be current members of the ICGA, or be dependents of a current member.


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