James Dondero is a major leader in the world of finance

As the world of finance continues to recover from the turmoil of the past eight years, one of the most important components is investment banking. Investment banking at one time was the backbone of the economy. Allowing small firms to receive the funds they need in order to continue operating. There are several experts in the field of investment banking, but one of the brightest stars in this field is James Dondero.
James Dondero is the founder of Highland Capital Management. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas, and his leadership has been fundamental to the success of the company. James has thirty plus years of experience in the finance industry, especially when it comes to the credit market.
When James started Highland Capital Management, his experience in the industries of credit and distressed investing were essential to the future of the company. He worked tirelessly with his staff in order to make Highland capital a pioneer in this industry. One particular area in which Highland Capital has been an extremely innovative is the Collatorized Loan Obligation. This new and innovative financial tool has been critical to the success of Highland Capital Management. This company has helped to create the CLO market, and over the last few years, the company has become a leader in this particular market.
James Dondero’s leadership has allowed the company to create a wide range of award winning financial products. These products are located in a wide range of different areas. For example, Highland Capital Management currently heads up several high quality hedge funds, as well as high quality CLOs, mutual funds, REITs, and ETFs. If there is a financial product available, then Highland Capital has developed several high quality products relating to it.
James Dondero’s leadership is highly valued throughout the business community. The value that his leadership provides, has allowed him to sit on several extremely important boards. The list of the boards that he sits on include Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, MGM studios, as well as several other important boards. James has performed quite well on these boards, allowing the companies to be extremely successful.
Dondero has given a considerable amount of effort to his philanthropic enterprises. He believes that it is extremely important to make sure that people give back to the community. His favorite organizations to work with include those that are committed to education and veteran’s affairs.
The world of finance is extremely important to the future of the United States Economy. There are many important players in the world of finance today, but one of the most important players is Highland Capital Management, and their founder James Dondero. The world eagerly awaits James Dondero’s next move because this move will make a major difference on the economy.

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