Jason Halpern: A Real Estate Developer Transforming Cities One Building At A Time

A real estate developer is an individual who specializes in renovating existing developments and creating new ones. The developer will market and sell the development afterward. In some cases, a developer will work with partners to help share the risks and workload involved.

Some developers may have a background as an architect, real estate agent, or contractor. Basically, a real estate developer is a person who transforms a piece of property into a workable asset. Whether it is a simple house or an extremely large skyscraper.

Even though they are not the ones physically building the properties, they are the masterminds behind it all. Jason Halpern is one of these masterminds. He is the managing partner and founder of JMH Development. Jason is from a family real estate company with an amazing track record of more than 50 years. His family has built hundreds of apartments in New York City and Westchester County.


This entrepreneur knows how to pull in big sharks like Kushner and the Rockpoint Group. In 2010, he made a deal that involved the transformation of a Wild Turkey bourbon warehouse into a beautiful set of condos.
Today it is a 338 spacious unit.

Jason is different from other developers because he has a passion for historical locations. He gets to know the area that he will be working in and builds rapport with the communities. He then dives in gracefully to restore and refurnish these districts giving them a beautiful new twist.


Jason has an expertise that is unique in the development world. His work is filled with new innovative ideas and vision. He has become a strong leader for JMH. And he continues to transform cities one building at a time.


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