John Bancroft – Founder of Badgemaster

John Bancroft is an influential businessman, currently based in Derbyshire, in the United Kingdom. His career in business started with his job at a company called Sketchley Services, having been employed as their National Sales Manager — until he realized that many of the badges that were being imported to the company were of a very low quality, leading to him starting his own badge-making company — Badgemaster — in 1992, with his wife, Vicky.

At first, the company started out in a simple portacabin — a building that can be moved to the owner’s convenience. At the time, the only people working for the company were Bancroft himself, his wife, and one employee; this did not stop the company from growing, however. In 1997, Bancroft was offered an award for creating employment opportunities, as his company was based in an area with a relatively high unemployment rate — more specifically, Nottinghamshire.

This isn’t to say, however, that everything about John Bancroft involves his company in some way or another. He has done a great variety of other things — for example, he is a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, likely due to his influence in the business world, and employment rates in Nottinghamshire. Additionally, Bancroft worked with the Royal Family for his company’s work with British Royal Family, in 2006.

Overall, it’s easy to say that John Bancroft is an extremely influential person, both in terms of business and in terms of employment rates in Nottinghamshire. Even being a member of the MBE, and having worked for the royal family in the past — while no one can be sure of the future, there is no doubt John Bancroft will keep up the good work in his future.

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