Jonathan Veitch and Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch is one of the few individuals who can actually he was born, raised and works professional in Los Angeles. With so many people coming to the city and to California from other regions of the country, there actually are not that many. Furthermore, ever fewer people can actually save they have made as much of a difference as Jonathan Veitch has. With all of the work he has put in, Jonathan Veitch has become the face of Occidental College in Los Angeles. Of course, it is also important to look at what he has done with the school and just how important it is.

Jonathan Veitch is similar to a community college located in the city. However, the school had struggled for a long time, going through president after president, many of which never stayed a full year. Before he came, the school had gone through four presidents in the matter of five years. However, with his experience, he managed to take control of the college and reinvent it as a quality college for a desirable education.

For starters, Jonathan Veitch received his education in California from Loyola High School and then went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University up the coast. He did move out to receive his doctoral degree from Harvard University in History of American Civilization, and from there he went on to work with numerous colleges along the way. In 20099 though, he became the president of Occidental College.

Before his arrival, the school had struggled with bringing in new students and even the local community had started to turn on the college. Jonathan Veitch talked on Facebook about how he saw to it to fix these issues. First, right around the time he took over as president, Barack Obama had recently become president and he had actually spent some time enrolled at Occidental College. Jonathan Veitch used this information in older to bolster the school’s stance with minorities around the country who wanted to follow in the footsteps of the first black president. His next step revolved around improving the stance the school had with the local community. Many members of the local community did not like the student housing pushing over into the community with the loud noise that went along with it. Jonathan Veitch worked with the city officials to alter the student housing and improved the local transportation to make it better for everyone.

Just take a look at this interview with Veitch, where he outlines his plans for the future of the college.  An inspiration for how to turn the spirit of a college around completely.

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