Kenneth Goodgame Creates A Better Visage At True Value Hardware

Kenneth Goodgame is the Senior Vice President in charge of merchandising, and he has a plan for the visage that True Value will present to the world. He works quite hard on the appearance of every store in the company, and this article explains how his vision for the brand has made True Value a unique company for hardware shoppers. There are quite a few people who enjoy True Value purely because of its appearance that was created by Kenneth and his staff.

#1: True Value Has Not Aged

There are several companies around America that chose to update consistently, and they lose the taste of the olden days when they were much simpler companies. True Value has remained authentic in every respect, and they have chosen to become a company that looks more like a part of Americana than a standard shopping mall. Their aesthetic is unique to their brand, and everyone who comes into a True Value will see Kenneth’s work.

#2: Why Is Merchandising Important?

Merchandising in an important part of retail businesses because they must have a method of retaining customers that makes their stores familiar. The familiarity of every store makes customer comfortable, and Kenneth directs his team to keep True Value stores as soft and welcoming as possible. It is quite simple to keep True Value as it is, and the company manages to keep modern products in the store without issue.

#3: How Does Kenneth’s Work Impact True Value?

Kenneth has created a brand that is quite-literally unforgettable. Anyone who come to a True Value store will recognize the design of the facade, and the store will appear as it did the last time the guest entered. It may have been decades since the customer’s last visit, but they will feel as though the store has not changed The unforgettable qualities of the brand are found in a lack of drastic changes to their style.

True Value Hardware has bee made the most effective and beautiful hardware store in America by Kenneth’s team of merchandising experts. It is quite simple to shop in their stores, and they produce a nostalgia that other brands do not have.


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