Kim Dao Provides Japanese Travel Hacks

Traveling in general can be frustrating and confusing but when traveling to Japan it is helpful to have some useful travel tips in advance ( Japan relies heavily on public transportation such as trains and bus routes. In addition many of these trains are owned by different companies and require specific tickets to board. In addition to transportation there are several other things to take into consideration when traveling to Japan. Blogger Kim Dao goes over several hacks that will make your travel experience to Japan less stressful. Japan also uses cash currency more than credit cards. Convenient stores such as 7-eleven and family mart accommodate people who need to withdraw cash from atm machines. Post offices also have ATM’s for cash withdrawal. Kim Dao recommends bringing a power board. Not all plugs work in different countries and if you need to charge electronics make sure you have a compatible power board to plug your devices into. Kim Dao also suggests renting a car at some point during your travels. This will allow you to experience locations that you would not be able to if you rely solely on public transportation. Trains and busses do not travel to the Japanese country side. If you have an international license you can rent a car. Be sure to research the basic rules of the road if you have not yet driven in Japan. Renting a car can make life easier especially if you are traveling with a larger group who can all pitch into the rental fee. Kim Dao’s complete list of ten travel hacks can be found here.

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