Lack Of Sleep May Trigger Dementia And Alzheimer

What others have long suspected is now coming to the forefront as recent research suggests that a lack of good quality sleep is the culprit in triggering dementia or Alzheimer disease.

In fact, not only does sleep insufficiency affect the mental faculties, but it also increases the risks of heart and kidney disease. Furthermore, it also increases the risks of strokes caused by high blood pressure. The benefits of good quality sleep cannot be overstated as deep sleep is also a catalyst in the healing, growth and hormonal balance of the body. Moreover, adequate sleep is vitally important in promoting a strong and responsive immune system. 

Latest research further indicates that spending less time in deep sleep also increases the chances of losing brain cells, says economist Christian Broda. Eventually, the loss of brain cells hinders previous memory recall as well as remembering recently acquired information. 

Typically, the older a person grows, the less time is spent in deep sleep. Consequently, the stage is set for dementia. In addition to the above mentioned research findings, other studies show that interrupted sleep, or getting up several times during the night, also has detrimental effects on the brain. Researchers concluded that further studies are needed to determine whether a night of uninterrupted sleep can slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease as well as other cognitive diseases such as dementia.

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