Leonardo Di Caprio Invests In Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Brand Of Snacks

Just as of late, HIPPEAS owner took to the media to report his vegetarian nibble organization’s most up to date financial specialist, the unbelievable performing artist, and natural lobbyist Leonardo DiCaprio. As per a public statement, by Livio Bisterzo, Leonardo had procured a minority stake for an undisclosed sum at the tidbit organization that has been becoming quickly both in the United States and the UK. Despite the fact that the organization wasn’t effectively searching for financing, Livio specified that he was advantaged to expedite board DiCaprio as an accomplice given that his advantages flawlessly lined up with the organization’s dreams and qualities.

Up until this point, the HIPPEAS bite, which is accessible in six flavors have gotten warm grasp in more than 20,000 stores in both the US and UK. It is intriguing to see the statures the bite will potentially hit after DiCaprio’s notoriety and capital infusion.

Leonardo DiCaprio has for long been very vocal about the requirement for the protection of the earth. He is likewise an environmental change mark representative. In 2014, he delivered a narrative film, Cowspiracy, which tried to investigate and edify the world on the ecological effects of creature horticulture. His interest in the veggie lover nibble, HIPPEAS, the brand can, thusly, be translated as a stage towards the realization of his has confidence in atmosphere preservation.

Amid the as of late finished up 2017 desserts and snacks expo in Chicago, the HIPPEAS corner was throbbing with energy. Such enthusiasm for the brand is halfway owing to the nibble’s interesting taste from one viewpoint and DiCaprio’s organization on the other. Nonetheless, when asked what the Green Park Owned organization was doing another way to inspire such enthusiasm for the bite, Livio is hopeful that the mystery lies in its arrangement. He is cited as saying that of all the broiled chicken pea snacks as of now accessible, none can coordinate the level of expulsion and pastry shop procedures that went into delivering HIPPEAS.

Livio is the fellow benefactor of the HIPPEAS mark and the present CEO and author of its parent organization, Green Park Brands. Being a business person for the majority of his life, Livio Bisterzo has tasted both disappointment and accomplishment with the distinctive brands that he has helped champion. To date, his best outfit remains the HIPPEAS and UGLY Water brands, promoted under the Green Park standard.

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