Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Makeup

Doe Deere is a queen, plain and simple. She’s confident, she’s gorgeous, and she’s 100% unique. Doe Deere has truly mastered a one of a kind look that looks totally awesome on her! She pulls off the brightly colored eyeshadow and lipsticks. She also matches it perfectly with whatever color hair she’s sporting. She’s truly one of a kind with her look and her personality.

Doe Deere loves rainbows and the whole color palette that goes along with it. That’s basically what she matches her look to. Whether it’s her makeup, her hair, or her clothes, she’s making a bright and bold statement about who she is! Doe Deere is a rock star when it comes to makeup, especially. That’s why she’s created her own line of it!

Lime Crime is the name of her makeup and it is awesome! All of her products are incredibly affordable. That means almost anyone can land Doe Deeres signature look. Girl or boy. That’s the best part! Doe Deere does not discriminate against who can and should wear makeup. Male or female, young or old, it doesn’t matter. Doe Deere encourages everyone to find their look through makeup. She wants to help. That’s why she’s got an awesome makeup line.

Lime Crime offers the brightest and the boldest colors. This is perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement and stand apart from the crowd! It’s for those who are confident and they want to show it. No one should be judged on how they look or what they want to wear. Doe Deere understands this. She’s got everyone covered. Her Lime Crime makeup offers lip glosses, lip sticks, eye shadows, and so much more! She’s got lipsticks in every color of the rainbow and eyeshadow to match. Doe Deere has the brightest colors and offers makeup that creates a unique look. This is evident through her line of glitter eye shadows! The Zodiac glitters are color changing and are a totally awesome product.

If someone isn’t as bold and savvy with makeup as Doe Deere is, that’s okay too. She offers more neutral pallets and colors. Doe Deere wants everyone to feel comfortable in what they wear. If they aren’t up to the grunge look, that’s okay too. They are not excluded from being able to wear high quality and affordable makeup that still looks awesome.

Overall, Doe Deere is really a pioneer when it comes to makeup. She understands that in this day and age, everyone wants to be different. Too many people blend into the crowd with their makeup because they are afraid to stand apart and be who they truly want to be. Doe Deere is sending a message to these people through her makeup that it’s okay to look different. Actually, it’s better to look different! Experiment with makeup because it’s fun to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nigh in, a night on the town, or a special holiday – there is makeup for that! Life’s too short to wear the same colors each and every day.

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