Lime Crime For Individuals

I truly believe that there are two types of people out there. There are those people that use makeup to cover up their imperfections and to enhance their look. These are the people that use concealer to cover up a blemish. These are the people who use eyeliner to cover up the dullness of their eyes. These are the people who wear makeup to work, on a date, and out on the town because they don’t feel as beautiful otherwise. There is nothing wrong with these types of people. It’s there personal preference!

There’s also another group of people. I’m talking about the people who have makeup as their life. Makeup is more than just something they put on their face. It’s a way of life. These are the people who want bright lips because it makes a statement about who they are. These are the people who want to wear glitter because it makes them feel magical. Overall, these are the people who truly are not who they are without makeup. They’re the unique ones. These type of people use Lime Crime makeup.

Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere as a makeup for unicorn line! This basically means that it’s for those who truly believe makeup is a reflection of themselves. They are the ones who want to convey who they are through makeup. Lime Crime makeup on storyexchage is basically a form of art. These people consider their face to be the canvas and the makeup to be the paintbrush. They express themselves this way. They are boys and girls. They are young and old. They are all unique individuals with this burning desire to express themselves.

Lime Crime is a very nice makeup line. It’s not some factor produced line that is basically sold to make a profit. Lime Crime is for those who are truly passionate about good makeup. Lime Crime sells a large variety from eye shadows to lip sticks. Doe Deere believes that makeup should make a statement and therefore there are a variety of colors for sale.

One of the coolest makeup trends I have seen has been the multi-colored lip. Lime Crime helps me to accomplish that look. It gives me the two colors I need and the tips to pull it off! Lime Crime offers a look book that people can look to for inspiration.

Overall, this makeup line has helped me to become an individual. I don’t have to be embarrassed because Lime Crime has helped me to realize that it’s okay to make big and bold statements with my makeup. Lime Crime is stepping out of the box when it comes to makeup. It’s beyond what society typically encourages and that’s okay. This makeup is made for individuals and that’s why I love it.

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