Living a More Fulfilled Life with the Help of the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a group of religious teachers who have jumped to international prominence through their links with a number of major celebrities who follow the teachings the group provides to help every person live a more fulfilled life. Rabbi Philip Berg expanded on the work of his teacher, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag in the 1960s to bring a mainstream approach to learning about this form of ancient religious teachings that is based in the history of Judaism; despite the fact the teachings are based in the Jewish faith The Kabbalah Centre makes no effort to convert students to this religious belief system.


Students who look to The Kabbalah Centre for guidance and teachings are often drawn to the fact this group is intent on aiding the spiritual growth and increasing levels of fulfillment for its followers in a modern world that is increasingly isolating and busy. One of the aspects of life The Kabbalah Centre is determined to help each person overcome is the issue of the negative influence of the ego, which can be overcome by sharing and looking to turn the ego into a positive aspect of life. Turning off the ego and allowing sharing to take place are important aspects of Kabbalah as a stronger link to the universal wisdom around us can be created in this way.


There are many aspects of Kabbalah that can be explored with the aid of The Kabbalah Centre that are designed to provide a more positive outlook on the life we lead as individuals in the 21st century. Kabbalah teachers believe in a set of laws that govern the world around us and include the issue of reaping what we sow that requires us all to give to the world before we can be provided with the benefits and sense of fulfillment we all seek. The benefits of helping others are always explored by students at The Kabbalah Centre who believe creating an uncomfortable environment can be a good first step in opening up a spiritual dimension to life we are rarely given access to without the aid of The Kabbalah Centre teachers.

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