Love Cooking? The Top Herbs Your Kitchen Garden Needs

If you enjoy cooking, you surely know the value of herbs and spices. But if you’re new to cooking, you may be unaware of just how powerful these can be to the final flavors and tastes of your dishes. For this reason, let’s go over the top herbs that you should use in your cooking to enhance the flavor and make your friends want to eat at your house every night.


The best cooking herbs for your kitchen garden


Before starting in on the best herbs to use in your cooking, let’s talk about having a kitchen garden. Every great cook and even amateur chefs should have a quality kitchen garden. The good news is that it’s not difficult to start one of these. All you need are a few organic herb seeds and some containers and soil. Pick a place that won’t be disturbed and that has lots of sunlight. Plant your seeds according to the directions on the packets.


In time you’ll have some great herbs growing, but the question remains as to which herbs you should choose for your garden and which you can subsequently use in your cooking.


First, let’s talk about basil. Basil is absolutely essential for any kitchen garden because it can be used in all types of Italian cooking. If you like to make lasagna, spaghetti, pizza and ravioli, basil will be your best friend.


Next, you’ll want to have cilantro unless you’re one of those people who hates it. Cilantro is the staple herb for Mexican cooking. You can add it to salsas, sauces, tacos, tostadas and other Mexican dishes. Cilantro is also great on hamburgers and in wraps.


Parsley is another good herb to grow. If you like to make falafel, you’ll definitely want to have a lot of parsley. It can also be good as a garnish on dishes that you want to look a little bit more fancy. At the end of the meal, if you chew on a bit of parsley, it will help your breath smell better.


Use all of these herbs in your kitchen garden and in your cooking for great food that is healthy and delicious.


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