Maggie Gill: The Force Behind Memorial Health

A few years ago, the board of directors in Memorial Health were looking for a professional who would become the chief executive officer and president of the organization. These officials wanted a visionary leader who was going to bring stability to the health care company. The organization had already hired three CEOs in the last four years, and they had not met their expectations.

Memorial Health wanted an executive who had expertise and skills in finance and hospital operations. The board was fortunate to have Maggie Gill, and they all voted unanimously to make her the President and CEO.

For five years, Maggie Gill has been the force behind the successful healthcare company. Memorial Health has enjoyed a lot of success under her leadership. However, Maggie has had her share of challenges. One of the greatest challenges in the organization has been the changing landscape in the industry with very many regulations and few reimbursements.

The famous Affordable Care Act has helped in bringing new ways to acquire insurance, but there are still many individuals who are not able to access adequate healthcare. According to a recent study, a large group of Georgians is still not insured. Maggie Gill believes that for a country’s health care system to advance in the current dynamic healthcare environment; then there must be a clear vision for care delivery. Maggie says that his organization must be focused on health, wellness and the prevention of diseases to survive in the harsh climate.

The commitment to improve the overall health of the community is known as population health. It’s through this campaign that patients are educated on the best ways of being responsible for their health. This is one of the ways that have proved to reduce the high cost of healthcare, and it also makes the delivery of these essential services.

At Memorial Health, Maggie Gill has introduced a team of clinicians and nurses who are known as care coordinators. These professionals are responsible for helping the individuals with chronic health issues that might put them at risk of being hospitalized. The care coordinators are supposed to educate the chronic patients and helping them manage their conditions. These individuals are also very experienced, and they help surgical parents to prepare and also recover from their surgeries. Since the introduction of this program, the company has seen significant improvements in the healthcare system.

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