Makari: Skincare That Works

If you’ve never heard of Makari, you’re certainly in for a treat. Makari was created specifically for individuals of color to target their skin issues while brightening and whitening the tone of your skin. With all the skincare you need for any issue, Makari also offers lines of cosmetics and Haircare.

Makari is a brand that only uses gentle, natural products that have positive effects on your skin. With ingredients like caviar and Argan oil, these ingredients are known to have great interactions with the skin. Makari knows that chemicals can be harsh on the skin so they abstain from using them, since they have long term negative effects. In addition to whitening the skin, these formulas include special anti-aging ingredients as well. Many of these products aim to tone the skin, hiding blotchy spots, acne, scars and more. Some formulas are targeted more specifically, but they all have their benefits for those with colored skin.

Whether you need a formula designed for acne, scars, daily cream or other skin product, Makari has the perfect skincare item for you. Makari started out as only seven basic skin products and grew to be an extensive collection of sixty items. Skincare, Haircare and cosmetics are just the beginning for this growing company. Try Makari today!

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