Makari: The Proven Right Choice for Skin Lightening

Markari was formed in 2000, and it means “beautiful” in Swahili. This company is remarkable because they addresses the skin issues of men and women of color, in which the beauty industry has ignored for several decades. With Makari, short for Markari de Suisse, they have a full line of beauty products for hair, skin, and cosmetics. They even have a baby line.

Makari’s success has grown exponentially to the point where they are now in America, Western Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Makari started out with seven products, and now they are offering 60 products. They are manufactured in Switzerland, and their product line are sold in various locations in New York, Brussels, and Paris. Additionally, they are headquartered in New York, and they have 11 distributors around the globe. They have prospered so greatly due to them addressing the missing issues in the market regarding people of dark skin. Their success is also due to their great quality, and for their more affordable prices.

The Top Option for Skin Lightening Cream

Makari has established itself to being the best in the skin care industry. Customers all over the world are all abuzz of the amazing results they have gotten with their products. This company also gives tips for the health of one’s skin as well in their blogs. Not only do they help resolve skin issues, but they give information to prevent problems from reoccurring. Other than that, their products are filled with very beneficial and natural ingredients, such as Caviar, Carrot Oil, Argon Oil, and natural plant extracts. This oompany’s products help alleviate acne marks, dark spots, and stretch marks. Customers and their spouses have written great reviews of how well their skin looks now.

To ensure great quality, Makari has undergone intense technical and scientific testing. And as a result, most of their customers realized how well their skin fared, compared to many who used skin products that are worth hundreds of dollars. Not to mention, Makari skin lightening cream is only $52.45.


Hands down- Makari is the ultimate leader in this industry. And they practically put their competitors ashamed, especially with charging outrages prices for products that don’t come close in quality and results like Makari. It just goes to show that people of color can’t go wrong with Makari. And for more information, they should check their site,

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