Makeup Tricks that Will Make You Standout in A Crowd

The point of makeup is to help bring out your inner beauty, of course it is also to grab attention and make sure that you get noticed. If you want to make sure that you standout in a crowd then you may want to pay attention to these makeup tricks. Getting noticed and looking hot has never been quite so easy.

Smoky eyes

A smoky eye instantly gives you an alluring and seductive look and with one simple shrug of the eyebrow you can pull off some mystique. If you want to pull off the trademarked come hither look that all of the top movie stars on the runway use just turn your eyes into smoky eyes. In order to get the look you will need to use eyeliner and mascara and choose gray, black, or blue eyeshadow. Use a brush to apply the eye shadow and then carefully outline your eye. For an extra bang you could place some shadow glitter over top of the color.

Experiment with Colors

You no doubt express yourself through your clothing choices and through your hairstyle choices, so why not have some fun and experiment with color to express yourself via your makeup. Fun companies like Lime Crime have now made it possible to go all out with cosmetics. Lime Crime on creates bold, vibrant, and signature colors that you will never find on the store shelves to help make sure that your makeup expresses your personality. All of their products are cruelty free and instantly addicting because once you try some makeup outside of the box you will never want to go back.

Luscious Lips

Anyone that watches the media circus knows that full luscious lips are in, but you can relax because no one was born with the lips they appear to have on the magazine covers. Their makeup artists simply know how to play up their lips to make them a prominent feature which means you can do the same. First you need to choose a lipstick color that compliments your skin tone or makes a statement if you like to have some fun with color. Then choose a lip liner that matches the shade and use it to line your natural lip contours to help define your lips. If you want them a little fuller looking simply draw the line a bit outside the natural line and then color the lipstick in to match.

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