Making Weight Loss Fun Can Help You Reach Your Diet Goals

You already know that many men and women in America are overweight or obese, and there are a number of products and services being sold on television and the Internet to help with this epidemic of overweight and obesity. But do any of them really work?

One recent story of a woman who lost almost 100 pounds says that you can lose weight on your own without the help of gadgets and gizmos being sold on the Internet. She managed to do this amazing feat by just making weight loss fun.

Kacey Lauchnor of Herriman, Utah Lost Almost 100 Pounds

Kacey Lauchnor grew up in a family who did not eat healthily on a regular basis. She laughingly says that any vegetables they ate were covered with cheese for fried. As she went off to college, her unhealthy eating habits continued, and even after she was married, she seemed to be becoming increasingly bigger as the years went on. Her husband had the same problem, and her journey to help herself and her husband lose a significant amount of weight began when her husband was denied health insurance because of his weight.

Together, they embarked on a diet and fitness plan that was actually fun for them. They joined several different fitness classes at their local community center and learned how to eat better at home as well.

In the end, Kacey’s husband managed to lose 85 pounds, and she lost nearly 100 pounds. If you are looking for a way to lose weight, take a page out of Kacey’s book, and make it fun!

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