Manse On Marsh is Where Luxury and Affordability Meet

When the time comes to choose an assisted living facility, it is imperative to know the difference between these types of establishments and a nursing home. The two have some similar qualities, but they are not alike. When a person isn’t ready for round the clock care and can still maintain some independence, they are said to be better suited for an assisted living community. These places still monitor the person and make sure they are okay, but they are allowed to have privacy and maintain a level of dignity.

There are various styles of assisted living. Some include apartment styles home or even free standing houses. There are different degrees of care levels also. Each resident is assessed based on their needs. Whether it’s just help with their hair and bathing, or they need someone to cook for them; the options are endless at these places. A nursing home typically requires shared rooms. In these places are people who have serious medical conditions that require them to be monitored most of the day. There is little to no privacy and it can be uncomfortable for those who want to have visitors. If at all possible, assisted living is always the better option.

Those who live in California know that there are many good assisted living facilities to choose from. One of the best in the San Luis Obispo area is The Manse on the Marsh. Any senior would love this elegant establishment. Not only are the grounds perfect for daily walks and keeping in shape, but they have a beautiful courtyard that is inviting. Residents can have friends and family stop by as often as they like. In the private homes, residents can have overnight guests. Having a strong support system is imperative to the elderly.

One of the great things about The Manse on the Marsh is the vast selection of activities. They offer things from apartments to cottage style homes. Some units have a kitchen so that they can cook up some of their favorite dishes. Others choose to utilize the chef services and enjoy home cooked meals without the mess. In the great room, there is a roaring fireplace and plenty of room to mingle with others. The facilities are not only spacious but they are comfortable and really make one feel at home.

For those who love to eat out, the grounds have a bistro that services authentic cuisines that are praised in every testimonial. Eating alfresco has never been easier with the large outdoor patio area. For those who like to be active, they can enjoy the movie theater, as well as the fitness center. Even those seniors who don’t drive don’t need to go far for quality entertainment. Other amenities include a hair salon, internet access, a library and computer areas. It’s easy to see why so many choose Manse on the Marsh for their assisted living community.  The blog has even more information about what they have to offer.  You can also find information on Twitter as well.

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