Michael Thoreau Lacey

Michael Thoreau Lacey is an American mathematician. He was born in the fall of 1959. In 1987, he received a Ph. D. from the University of Illinois.

He worked under the direction of Walter Philipp and later worked with him on proving the central limit theorem at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His work includes the areas of harmonic analysis, probability and ergodic theory. His thesis, under the name of Some Limit Theorems, solved one problem in the Law of Iterated logarithm for characteristic empirical functions.

His first positions after his getting his doctorate degree were at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina.

He later received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship at Indiana University, where he studied the bilinear Hilbert transform. Along with Christoph Thiele, Michael Lacey was awarded the Salem Prize for solving the transform.

Recently, he has been teaching at the Georgia Institute of Technology. There, he received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004 for his work with Xiaochun Li. He is now a fellow of the American Mathematical Society and continues to do research in his field. Read more:  Mike Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Many of his research papers are funded mainly by the National Science Foundation, Guggenheim Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation, the Simons Foundation and the Salem Prize. Other institutes of mathematics also helped to fund his research.

His research includes a lot of joint work as well as independent research. As mentioned above, he has worked with Christoph Thiele, Walter Philipp, Máté Wierdl and Pascal Auscher. Some of his papers include: A note on the almost sure central limit theorem, Random Ergodic Theorems with universally representative sequences, The Solution of the Kato Problem in the case of Gaussian Heat Kernel Bounds and Integer sequences with big gaps and the point wise ergodic theorem. Ergodic Theory Dynam. Systems.

He has a lot of Honors in his field, such as the fellowships mentioned, and awards like the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award.

Michel Lacey works as a visiting professor in different universities such as Helsinki University and Schrodinger Institute in Vienna. He has over one hundred publications.

Micheal Lacey has mentored students from undergraduates to post-doctorates. He has held many addresses in different institutes all over the world. He continues to be highly successful and active in his field and hopes to continue to do so in the future.


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