Michael Zomber: Overcoming The Odds

Michael Zomber is a family man. He has a wife and two children. In 2003, he was known for a number of things. Zomber worked as an antique gun collector and seller. He has written four novels and seven screenplays, directed documentaries, and even appeared on The History Channel a number of times as a gun expert. After two years in prison Michael obtained a secondary hearing and was exonerated. But that exoneration came at the loss of a million dollars fighting this unjust treatment. And Michael Zomber was told that the only way he could retain his freedom would be to agree that he would not invoke his Hyde Amendment rights.

The Hyde Amendment became law in 1997, and guarantees anyone that has been victim to vexatious prosecution remuneration from the government. Michael Zomber definitely went under some vexatious circumstances–how can prison be less than vexatious? And yet the government will not remunerate their mistake. This is fundamentally unjust and a symptom of America’s decline.

Thankfully, Zomber is able to bring goodness wherever he goes. While in prison he managed to help a number of inmates learn enough that they could achieve their GEDs, and as a man with keen understanding of the mainstream media (as well as some presence within it), Michael is in a unique position to help spread awareness about conditions like the US government’s flagrant ignoring of the Hyde Amendment whenever it can get away with it.

Bureaucratic rule in this country has made it so publicly known, legally operating businessmen like Zomber can be subject to jail time for essentially nothing. Overcoming these odds with Michael is a great idea–to that end, his story should be told.  Check out Michael on Facebook, and you can also buy his books on Amazon.

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