Michel Terpins, a Leading Brazilian Rally Driver

Michael Terpins is considered among the greatest rally drivers Brazil has ever witnessed. This is evident through his passion for racing and impressive driving skills. His commitment to racing has earned him various awards and experiences. This has gained him reputation among various rally enthusiastic, fans and critics. In 2002, Michael Terpins ventured in Brazils rally arena. He majored in the category of two-wheel motorcycle racing. According to rules governing international cross country events, they are known as Prototypes T1.This was Michael Terpins initial category in Brazil’s Sertoes Rally.

Through his passion for racing and speed, Michael Terpins developed in various racing fields. From Prototypes T1, he ventured in Prototypes T2 and T3.This includes various vehicles that are specifically manufactured for racing purposes. They may include extra adjustments depending on the type of cross country race. This was his brother’s major racing specialization. Together, they challenged each other in various cross country events like Sertoes Rally where they had a great performance. His brother’s name is Rodrigo Terpins. His passion for racing had Michael Terpins venture in the airplane category. He went to flight school and became a successful pilot. With his massive experience in numerous racing categories, his performance in various Brazilian rallies improved as he was ranked on a top profile.

T-Rex was the name given to Michael Terpins racing motor vehicle. This was through its powerful engine and great performance that was compared to a T-Rex, a dinosaur species.2015 was a successful year for to him. He made his mark in the Brazilian cross country rally. This was through scoring the second best speed in the rally. In 2006, he became the reigning champion of Rally Rota rally by being the fastest to compete for the race in the most limited time.

Sertões Rally is considered as one of the greatest Brazilian rallies of all times. This is due to its long historic dominance and existence in culturing the Brazilian rally as a sport. Teaming up with Maykel Justo, the duo enjoyed the leading of two crucial rounds of Sertões Rally. This earned them high rankings by the rally judges. The two used their expertise to dominate the better part of the race. Their lead was cut short through the development of engine challenges during the final lap. This placed them at the fourth position. Despite not winning, Michael Terpins and Maykel Justo described the race as a challenging and fun rally. They live to race again.


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