More Affordable Baltimore Housing Thanks To Kevin Seawright

When Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions LLC in 2015, he had a particular goal in mind: to build a stronger Baltimore through increased home ownership by first time buyers. Baltimore, Maryland currently has only a 48.3 percentage of home ownership. He is especially targeting the Belvedere Square area of the city. Seawright believes the community will be revived and property values will rise as people take pride in their ownership of property, giving them a say in the game of life.

Seawright was enthusiastic about his new company, happy to see Baltimore neighborhoods becoming more stable, as Belvedere Square has done. He is quite encouraged by the increase in home ownership in the city. He formed RPS Solutions to increase construction and renovations of Baltimore’s affordable homes, and also to many areas of Maryland. He made the company a joint partnership.

He points out on Twitter that owning a home brings a number of great economic benefits to the community. First, there is the economic input, then comes a more stable neighborhood, and finally a thriving, happily working community. RPS Solutions offers affordable real estate solutions that are obtainable by many people in Baltimore. They help home buyers connect with workable mortgage companies and helps them learn to manage their assets. They are also in the business of helping people do new property construction and some types of custom renovation work on underdeveloped homes that already exist in the area.

Kevin Seawright lives in Baltimore, MD, and is a project manager and accounting professional. He has worked for educational institutions, the local government, and has been extensively involved in Baltimore’s real estate development plans. His extensive finance and business experience has contributed to his own success and the success of many others. He is highly regarded and considered an urban innovator and philanthropist. He has often launched new initiatives and headed programs to revitalize the City of Baltimore and other nearby areas, such as Washington DC.

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