More Growth Equities First Holdings Australia

In Australia, there is a financial company that is known all over the world. They have offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Switzerland. That company is, Equities First Holdings, and they specialize in financial loans for businesses and individual investors. Equities First Holdings has been located in Australia since 2014 and now has three offices throughout Australia. They have offices located in Australia’s major cities like Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Their location in Melbourne has just moved to the inter-city of Melbourne so they can be more accessible to their clients. Also, the new space in Melbourne is bigger than their last space. Equities First Holdings needed new space because they have increasingly grown since 2014 and need more space to expand. The move took place in 2014 and offers the company more room to continue to grow. Since Equities First Holdings has grained more clients and employees, this move should provide them with the space they need to continue to grow as a lending company.


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