More Reasons to Become Vegetarian

There’s really no such thing as a guilt-free diet these days, since virtually all foods have come in contact with contaminants unless you’re able to grow your food yourself.

However, according to recent research in the Elements journal, there are some diets that, there are some eating methods that are better than others in terms of how much land is used to produce the food. In particular, meat-based diets are heavily dependent on land, since this is where cattle and poultry live and graze. A vegetarian diet doesn’t take up much land and can feed more people. According to Tufts University associate professional Christian Peters affirmed this, but stated that this is only true to a certain extent.

A paper was published in this subject and was created by a team of researchers from Tufts. These professionals took land requirements and “food prints” into consideration. Ten diet scenarios were included in the study, and these circumstances ranged from the average American diet to a vegan diet.

Vegetarian diets that include eggs and/or milk, surprisingly, showed more potential to feed a large number of people than a vegan diet. The agricultural system that in the United States has the ability to provide food to a population that tis 1.3 times bigger than the current population, based the current eating practices of Americans, according to the USDA food availability data.

Vegetarian diets that include milk and eggs could feed between 2/4 and 2/5 times the size of the population in the United States according to the researcher’s model. Vegan diets, on the other hand, can feed a smaller amount of people.

Nutrient runoff that comes from farms is another issue that was addressed in the study. This is especially true for farms that use excessive fertilizer. This runoff can lead to algal blooms like the ones that were spotted in Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Too much farming causes this issue, which is why a balanced must be reached in farm activity.

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