More Reasons to Consider a Vegetarian Diet

In order to feed the growing population of the world without using larger stretches of farmland, it may be ideal for more people to become vegetarian.

It’s also important to note that unless you grow your food yourself and can be sure that it doesn’t contain pesticides or toxins, there will likely be some harmful chemicals in the food, even if it’s considered “healthy.”

According to research published recently in the Elementa journal, some diets are more ideal than others in terms of the land that is required to produce the food for the diet. Diets that are based on vegetables and fruits are less dependent on the land and can feed more people per square inch. However, Tufts University associate professor Christian Peters, who was the lead author for the study in Elementa, says that the vegetarian diet has this advantage only to a certain extent.

Ten land requirements were incorporated into the study, ranging from the average American diet that is filled with meat, to a diet that is completely meat free. The study proved that vegetarian diets that included milk and eggs had a greater potential to feed more people than a completely vegan diet.

USDA food availability data also states that the U.S. currently has the potential to feed a population that is 1.3 times larger than the country’s current population. Tufts researchers assert that eating less meat will increase the country’s ability to feed more people.

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