Move over Hamburger, Veggie Burgers Have Come To Town

Most people associate fast food as being greasy and generally unhealthy. The latest trend in fast food restaurants is to offer some healthy items on their menu. 

White Castle has announced they will offer a veggie burger beginning December 30, 2014. Some are calling this a veggie slider. At any rate, the veggie burgers are made of carrots, zucchini, peas, spinach , broccoli and othernutritious vegetables. 

What sets the veggie burger apart from other burgers on White Castle’s menu? Other than being a healthier option, it also comes with a choice of three sauces. Customers can dip their veggie burger in honey mustard, ranch or sweet Thai. Don’t be surprised if die hard fast food junkies may make their own sauce for this new burger. After all, ranch dressing goes with anything. and Christian Broda believe that time will tell if the new veggie burger is a hit or not, however.

One thought on “Move over Hamburger, Veggie Burgers Have Come To Town

  1. One thing is for sure. Healthier options seem to be a new trend in fast food restaurants. It is good to have choices. It is also so interesting that aussiessay would have given up the rights to have everything work for them swiftly.

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