New CEO of McDonald’s Plans to Turn Around the Company

Lately, the mega fast food chain McDonalds has seen a decline in performance. McDonalds is known all around the world and is the largest fast food chain globally. The company announced on April 22nd that they were preparing a plan to turn around the business and planned to release the details on May 4th. Well, May 4th has come and gone so let’s see what McDonalds has decided to work on.

Many people speculated that Steve Easterbrook, the new Chief Executive Officer of the fast food chain, would work on customer service, or even revamp the menus and maybe even offer all-day breakfast for customers. Apparently that was not the plan. According to the story on, all the changes that Easterbrook plans on making have to do with a corporate structure. This announcement surprised many, since it is the attraction to McDonalds that is on the decline. Many consumers want to see a change in the food and the structure of the restaurant.

Healthy folks at Boraie Development know that McDonalds does plan on moving forward with new initiatives that they had announced months ago. In New York City, McDonalds will be offering delivery. In the United States, customers will soon be able to order a customized burger from a kiosk in the restaurant. Many have said though that the fast food chain needs to stay current with health trends and give the consumers more transparency when it comes to the food.

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