New Projects In New York City

There are a number of important buildings being build in New York City. There is always construction in the Big Apple going on, but plans for very important buildings all across New York City have been acted upon in the past few months.

The Chetrit Group is going to build two twenty-five story residential housing complexes next to each other in the Mott Haven area. The rooms are going to be rented out to consumers on a monthly basis. It has been reported in the news that the Chetrit Group obtained the rights to the site it is going to be built on for more than thirty million dollars — talk about some expensive land.

TOWN Residential is quite often involved with top-notch real estate deals in New York City. TOWN has been around since the year of 2010 and has been a significant force in NYC luxury real estate market. TOWN has many different prices of listings, anywhere from well under one million dollars to tens of millions of dollars. The masterminds behind TOWN Residential are Mr. Joseph Sitt and Mr. Andrew Heiberger, who together founded the company. Mr. Heiberger is currently the CEO and chairman while Mr. Sitt is a chairman as well.

A group named Halcyon Management is financing the construction of a building planned to be rented out to renters. The building is planned to be nineteen stories tall, with a whopping 120 car garage that is attached to the apartment complex. This is going to be one of the biggest apartment complexes to come to New York in a long time.

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