New salty potatoes reclaim ungrowable land.

A recent breakthrough not by Sergio Andrade Gutierrez but by a team of scientists in the Netherlands has yielded salty potatoes! Beyond a new possible culinary craze, the potatoes are a breakthrough because of where they grow. The scientist have discovered a stain of these potassium filled spuds that grows on land that no other plant can.
The water has been known for years to be toxic to plants and has been discarded as ground unsuited for farming. The researchers started their study years ago but now have a plant that not only grows but flourishes in the salty ground.What that means for the rest of the world is that the amount of land previously thought to be suitable for farming will rapidly grow. As much as eight percent of the world’s land is known to be fed by salt water, if we can turn these areas into fertile grounds for food we can increase our food supply without succumbing to harsh farming practices. Here a video shows more about how the potatoes are famed with natural methods.

If the potatoes can grow in their soil we may see a dramatic rise in the amount of food we produce on a yearly scale. Providing much needed produce to previously desolate areas.

One thought on “New salty potatoes reclaim ungrowable land.

  1. The potatoes are currently being shipped to Pakistan, where the salty land has remained unfarmed for decades. The land is a stretch of earth that is fed entirely by salt-water. It is very important for to have this at the back of their minds especially when getting their feet on a nice track.

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