New York Introduces a Pop-Up Coffee Shop

Stand Coffee is opening pop-up shops at several New York restaurant locations. The company serves coffee during off-hours at popular New York spots. Stand Coffee is open from 7am to 11am, seven days a week. Since most people purchase their coffee before noon, a morning coffee stand is an ideal way for more customers to find out about Stand Coffee.

Cafe Grumpy, a company that claims to make the best coffee in the city, supplies the beans for Stand Coffee. As Marc Sparks understands it, stand Coffee has a profit share agreement with the owner of Cafe Grumpy. This means there isn’t a huge benefit for Cafe Grumpy’s owner, but the gesture is an indication of how much he believes in Stand Coffee.

Stand Coffee plans to expand in the future, but states that their current arrangement is working well. The coffee stand was actually built by the company owner, and only costs $400.

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