Nick Vertucci-A real estate guru

Nick Vertucci a real estate investor and passionate educator on the same.He has managed to curve himself a very successful career from the same in the process earning himself millionaire status in the industry. He began his venture into the sector around a decade and a half ago when he attended a weekend workshop on the behest of a friend.He admits to being reluctant to attend the same having come from a period where He had lost a substantial amount of money in investments following the crash of the 2000 tech stocks commonly referred to as the bursting of the tech bubble.

This meant that for a young father of three he had no source of income to help his family gain financial stability.He had already been out of work for eighteen months, and he began to erode every saving he had kept for a rainy day.

On attending the real estate seminar, he made a discovery this was something he good does and excels.In fact, in his own words, Nick Vertucci admitted that it is at that moment that he found his calling.The following days and months would be spent scouring through books, magazines, brochures, and magazines for every available piece of information on the real estate market and its operations.

In due time Nick Vertucci felt confident enough that he had gained enough knowledge to venture into it.He began small by starting with small deals that were financed by the little he had saved it slowly started falling into place.The venture was now returning profits, and his hard work and faith had begun to pay off.In the coming years, he would continue to grow his portfolio engaging multiple clients who began to look at him for new deals due to his integrity and honesty in his line of work.

By the time the 2007 mortgage crisis hit the United States, Nick Vertucci had already established a good credence.But the crisis would prove to be more than most anticipated, and house prices plummeted as people defaulted on their mortgages and by 2009 the market was in a bad place. This for nick presented another opportunity to prove that his skills and experience were important and it is this unique combination that enabled him to come out of the crisis better.

He continued his venture into this sector, and in 2013 he opened the Nick Vertucci real estate academy a dream of his. He had always promised to teach others and help them achieve there dreams through real estate.

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