No More Lace Tying For Nike

Learning to tie your shoes is a rite of passage that many children have pretty much mastered by the end of first grade. Could the need to learn how to tie one’s shoes be coming to an end? It is quite possible. Pop culture on Crunchbase foretold of a self tying shoe in movies many years ago. It seems that the Nike Corporation is making good on that prediction.

The onset of 2016 has seen the introduction of the self tying shoe by Nike. This shoe utilizes sensors to know when to tie the shoe. The technology is called electro adaptive reactive laces. There will be a sensor located in the heel of the interior of the shoe. When the person steps into the shoe and activates the sensor in the heel, the laces will tighten.

JustFab is a place where the latest styles and trends in footwear can be purchased. Consumers can browse the site for the latest, pumps, flats, and even athletic shoes. JustFab even offer jeans and other accessories that can be purchased to match the shoes or even just for fun. Nike may make shoe tying a thing of the past, but JustFab makes be outdated or out of style a thing of the past.

If the laces on the new Nike shoe do not tighten to the preferred tensity, there will be button sensors on the exterior of the shoe. These can be pressed to not only tighten the laces more, but also to loosen them. The sensors in the shoe will operate off of a rechargeable battery located in the shoe. The user of the shoes on will need to recharge that battery approximately every 14 days to keep it at full working capacity.

Nike hopes that this shoe will eventually be able to detect the needs of the body and respond accordingly. They are developing sensors that would detect when the shoe would need to be tighter or looser. The thought is that if the shoe adjusts according to the needs of the body, then the individual wearing the shoe could focus their attention on what is going on around them.

The shoe will be available in late 2016 to those people who are Nike+ members. The available colors will be black, white and gray. The company is not presently releasing exactly how much the shoe will cost, but it is sure to be a pretty penny. If seeking online shoes that are not breaking the bank, one should try checking out JustFab. The shoes there are stylish and can be fit into a reasonable budget.

Shoes may not be the most important fashion statement to many, but now they will at least become user sensitive. No more shoe tying will make them easier to use as well.

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