Non-Green Salads to Try

If you love salads but hate leafy greens, life can be difficult. Because you want to keep eating healthy, you don’t have to munch on leady greens. Pinterest is full of non-green salad options that people have tried and shared. Here are some healthy salad options to try –

• Fruit Salad – Fruits have many things to offer you that vegetables simply cannot. Also, fruits are a bit more tasty that veggies, especially if you have a sweet tooth. So, try mixing all your favorite fruits together in a bowl and have some fruit salad for breakfast. Make sure the fruits are fresh.

• Crispy Avocado, Tomato and Bacon Salad – This is a salad with some flair. The recipe is simple enough and in the end, you can crispy avocado coated in parmesan panko mixture, fresh tomatoes and crispy bacon. You can add many other things to this salad to bring out the taste. Don’t forget to include your favorite sauce.

• Cabbage, Cilantro Carrot Slaw – Bored of coleslaw? Why don’t you try this Asian version with cilantro, red cabbage and carrot. The result is extremely colorful and if you place it in a glass, it would add to the aesthetic of your dinner table. Don’t forget to use Asian dressing for this salad, namely rice vinegar and sesame oil.

You can make your own non-green salads by finding out about the vegetables and fruits that you prefer and trying to make them compliment each other. Foodies like Susan McGalla know that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

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