Norman Pattiz: Welcoming Norman Lear to PodCastOne

PodCastOne keeps on providing quality shows from their studio. One of their latest shows that the public should watch out for is called “All of the Above with Norman Lear”. This show will be hosted by Norman Lear, a Hollywood veteran actor, and this show will be broadcasted on their podcasting platform. What will happen during the show is that Norman Lear would be opening up several topic, and listeners would have to tune in to a variety of fun conversations in the show. The topic can be anything, and there are no limits and restrictions in the side of the guests. The format of the show will also be different from podcasting staples, as it will involve several opinions and point of views from celebrity guests, politicians, and even the public. Norman Lear would not be alone in the show, as he will be joined by Paul Hipp on each episode. “All of the Above with Norman Lear” will air every Monday, and the show requires pre-subscription to those who wanted to tune in. Norman Lear stated that after Norman Pattiz told him that he will be having his own podcast show, he could not hide his excitement. For him, this new project will give him new experiences, and Norman Lear has thanked Norman Pattiz for the opportunity that was given to him.


Norman Pattiz is an American entrepreneur and businessman who founded PodCastOne. He is also the current chairman of the broadcasting and multimedia network, and because of his skills in the field of mass communications, PodCastOne became one of the most successful media corporation in America today. The podcast network is supported by thousands of advertisers, and they have been dominating the industry for several years. Some analysts and experts are also stating that PodCastOne has become the leader in the podcasting and podcast advertising industry. Norman Pattiz is very proud of his company, stating that since its foundation, the programming hours have grown to 300 hours, and the number of programs being broadcasted through PodCastOne rose to more than 200 programs. The total impressions being created by PodCastOne reaches 400 million per month, and it is solely from advertising. This translates to excessive amount of revenue and income, making PodCastOne one of the most profitable networks in the industry, and it also resulted to Norman Pattiz being named as one of the richest man in the United States. For over 40 years, Norman Pattiz served the broadcasting and media industry, and he even founded another network called Westwood One.


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